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The Estonian State Portal is a web site that brings together public e-services and information from various Internet resources in one place and is sepcifically designed for easy and convenient public use and interraction with state and local government institutions.
Riigi Teataja (State Gazette) is a state-administered web portal of a public journal of the Republic of Estonia intended for publication of laws, official announcements, judicial decisions and schedule of court hearings.
The Official Announcements is an electronic journal that publishes all notices, invitations and announcements prescribed by the legislation.
Web site of The Supreme Court of Estonia that publishes the court’s judgements, case law analisys and overviews as well as procedural data on admissibility of cassation appeals.
Estonian Courts web site that contains various information on procedures established for bringing the matter before the court as well as contact details of the courts, judges and courts officers.
Estonian Bar Association portal that contains information on the bar and attorneys activity and contact details of the attorneys and law firms.
Web site of the Estonian Chamber of Bailiffs and Trustees in Bankruptcy that contains information on the chamber activity and contact details of the bailiffs and trustees.